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Website & Social Media Starter


Single Service

What is included?

What does this package include?

  1. Design a website on Wix, using the content provided by the client

  2. Configure and optimize the website for search engines (SEO)

  3. Create and integrate contact forms and call-to-action buttons to encourage lead generation

  4. Integrate social media profiles and create a custom social media strategy

  5. Develop and design custom social media templates for consistent branding and messaging across platforms

  6. Provide training and support to the client for updating and maintaining the website and social media accounts ( training can be given to a third-party or employee provided by the client) .

Why Wix?

Wix is the most innovative web design and development platform on the market. Wix gives us total freedom so we can design any kind of website for you—no matter what you need. It’s also the place where you can manage your entire brand or business online. There are a lot of reasons why we choose Wix as our primary platform for our clients' sites.

Here are just a few:

Top-grade, reliable hosting and securityIndustry leading SEO to make sure you are found on Google and other search platforms

Unlimited storage. Your site can have as many pages and images as you want.

Custom domains that you can choose or connect your own.

Professional business solutions like eCommerce, Restaurant ordering & reservations, Online booking systems, and more.

Mobile management from the app so you can see when someone visits your site, chat with customers from your phone, and more.

Friendly CRM & Marketing tools to help you manage your customer base and send out email campaigns.

Seamless website handoff so you can easily make updates to your site going forward and manage your customers.

World-class support. Wix is there for any and all of your questions.

What to expect (our process)

  1. Welcome email with introduction to the client and team

  2. Schedule a kick-off meeting with the client to discuss goals and expectations

  3. Collect client's information such as contact details, company information, and project scope

  4. Share project timeline and communication plan with the client

  5. Set up project management tools and invite the client to collaborate with instructions

  6. Share payment terms and invoice schedule with the client

  7. Provide a detailed proposal or contract for the project

  8. Confirm client's approval of proposal or contract

  9. Begin project work and keep the client updated on progress

  10. Schedule regular check-ins with the client to ensure satisfaction and address any concerns

Timeline (estimate)

Week 1:

Initial consultation with the client to understand their goals, preferences, and requirements for the website and social media strategyResearch and planning for the website design and social media strategy

Week 2:

Design and development of the website on Wix, including configuration and optimization for SEOCreation of custom contact forms and call-to-action buttons

Week 3:

Integration of social media profiles and development of a custom social media strategy

Creation of custom social media templates for consistent branding and messaging across platforms

Week 4:

Final testing and refinement of the website and social media accounts

Training and support for the client to update and maintain the website and social media accounts

The above timeline is just an example and can be adjusted based on the specific needs and requirements of the project. It's important to note that the timeline can also be impacted by factors outside of our control, such as delays in receiving content or approval from the client. However, we will do our best to adhere to the proposed timeline and keep the client informed of any changes or delays.

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